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Make every cup
more rewarding

True and honest coffee


All-natural coffees with no preservatives for the best possible taste and aroma.

Purpose Driven

We at Garden Route Coffee have a mission, both locally and around the world.


More flavor, nuances, with less acidity and bitterness than the commonly use Robusta beans.

Fresh, every bean

We guarantee the freshness of every bag.

Single Origin & Special Blends

We offer coffees that are region- specific and that also offer blends for a unique taste experience.

Socially Responsible

We strive to carry coffees that are not only of the highest quality, but that also improve the social and economic conditions of the growers.

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green leaf RUNNING LOW?

A bad day with coffee is better
than a good day without it.


Ready to brew the perfect
cup of coffee?

Coffee inspired by the Garden Route,
South Africa